Nice Guys Don’t Win | Micalea Smelter

When I agreed to be his roommate, I had no way of knowing that Cole Anderson was one of my father’s star players.

Having transferred to Aldridge University for my junior year, I wasn’t familiar with anyone on campus.

If there’s one rule I’ve always been supposed to follow it’s don’t date a basketball player.

Cole is different, though, and I don’t want to stay away.

But when he finds out I’m the coach’s daughter I might not have any say in the matter.


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Heather’s Review:

What happens when your new roommate bails on you and he finds you a new random roommate…who also happens to be a girl.  A very beautiful girl at that. 

I knew from the very start that I was going to adore Cole and Zoey.  Their meet cute got me, and reminded me of how college really rolls….people are more laid back and just sort of go with the flow! Both have been hurt by someone else recently, and aren’t ready to start something else.  Also, Cole is a basketball player most likely going pro and Zoey wants to stay as far away as possible from a basketball player.  So friendship was perfect for them, and while that was great for a while…..the chemistry was really undeniable.  They struggled to stay away from each other….even those around them noticed and encouraged the relationship.  Until…..Cole figures out that Zoey’s dad is his coach.  A dad that she has a rocky relationship with.  

I was so ready for these two to find their way to each other, and when they did I almost jumped up and down! And it was amazing.  I have to say Cole was such a swoon worthy book boyfriend he was so sweet and loving.  Also, he gently encourages and supports Zoey in a way that was so amazing.  And I love how Zoey forced herself to grow and look at her actions in the past and work to correct her missteps.  While the story is obviously Zoey and Cole’s story, I do adore the other relationships that they each have with others….especially Zoey and her siblings. Sometimes college romances the characters can come off as either too adult’ish or immature but Smelter did a fantastic job of balancing them being their age but also acting as adults.   

I would be totally remiss if I didn’t talk about Teddy….Cole’s friend and in turn Zoey’s friend.  He seemed to always be around, but oh my did I adore him.  I just KNOW that his story is going to be epic and there is SO.MUCH more to him then he lets on! 

If you love a great sports romance, then this is the series for you! I also love that it isn’t just all basketball, football or baseball.  It is a mix of all of them! I really loved this author’s writing style and the characters.I can’t wait for more of them!