I Pucking Love You | Pippa Grant

When I saw that there was another book in the Thrusters series I knew that I had to read it, like now!  In true Pippa Grant style you will be laughing through the entire book!  Her heroine’s are always so relatable and SO VERY REAL!  You truly want to be best friends with them, and Muffy was no different. We got to meet Muffy in Charming as Puck and adored her there, but always knew there was more going on.  And this girl is one word.  Resilient.  Muffy’s life has not been easy.  And besides her cousin and best friend her circle is small and she doesn’t have a lot of people she can rely on. 

After a memorable night with Muffy Tyler cannot get this girl out of his head…..and he really can’t figure out why.  When he is at almost his lowest point he comes across Muffy.  The pair play a little game of cat and mouse, and in the end Muffy caves because she is in desperate need of a date.  To a funeral.  Yep….a date to a funeral. 

I will be honest, I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about Tyler at first, but man did he deliver.  He gets Muffy, and he sees her for the amazing strong woman that she is.  He truly wants nothing more than to stand back and watch her shine.  He will be there when she needs him, but he knows she can do whatever it is she puts her mind to.  The pair have amazing banter, and they challenge each other in the best way possible.  Also, their chemistry is sensational.  It is pretty hot….Muffy is a challenge but Tyler is up to the task! 

Also, the side characters in this book are stellar! Both of their families are interesting in their own way.  One you may want to throat punch and the other you want to be a fly on the wall at the dinner table!!!  I definitely want to see more of this crew!  If you haven’t read Pippa Grant, what are you waiting for!  I would recommend anyone that loves a little humor with a lot romance! 

This little gem is available on Kindle Unlimited, too!