How to support your favorite Book Blogger

Being a book blogger is a passion project.  Most book blogs are run at the expense of the blogger.  Very few make money from their blog.  They continue to run their blogs for the love of books and love of reading.   Bloggers have a huge impact for many authors.  They create impact by reading books and reviewing them, feature books on their blogs and social media.  They spend time and money taking eye catching photos.  They write thoughtful and honest reviews.  

If you have ever gotten a book recommendation from a blogger or if a book blogger has ever featured your book here are some simple easy ways you can support them. 

Make sure you are following them on all their social media. When following make sure you are interacting with their posts.   

If you are a reader make sure you share who you got the book recommendation from.  Share their website and blogs in your own social media.  If you are an author feature a mood board, post, or line from a review in your Newsletter or Readers group.

If a Book Blogger has a side project ie podcast, Youtube channel, or Book Club make sure you are supporting it by leaving reviews, subscribing, and joining in.  

Most of these can be done at no expense to you. 

I write this post for a very personal reason.  Recently book blogging has become less of a passion for me.  One of the things I have always tried to do is share my love of reading with others.  Mostly my love of the romance genre.  I work very hard to bring attention to the stories I love.  To give a platform for the book lover to be able to find their next favorite story.  

By doing this it also gives a platform to authors.  It provides a place for them to share their next story or revisit some of their other books.  I love doing this.  I love reaching out to new readers but also helping author be notices. 

Our Book Blog does a lot.  We are trying all sorts of ways to reach readers.  We have a Podcast, Drinks with the Bees.  You can learn about out Podcast and all we do here ( ).  We love doing this.  But going forward our Bookcase and Coffee along with Drinks with the Bees will be less and less about the authors and more for the reader.  You can expect more Book review and list episodes, less author interviews.  We will talk more about topics relevant to the genre we love.  We will discuss trends in the industry, the importance of romance and why it deserves respect but also have some fun.  We are taking this time to refocus our efforts for the reader.   

Going forward I am going to work harder to provide you with fair and balanced reviews.  Reviews have never been for the author but many times as a blogger I find myself writing reviews with the hope that it will push the author for my readers.  Sometimes I read a book simply to help an author out because they are a friend and I want to support them.  I will still read those books but my reviews will be more objective.   

With Love of Books