Hook Line and Sinker by Tessa Bailey

Series: Bellinger Sisters Book 2
POV: 3rd Person
Trope: Friends to Lovers; Reformed Playboy; Small Town; Slow Burn
Release Date: March 1st, 2022

We first meet Fox and Hannah in It Happened One Summer and they strike up a friendship that neither one of them saw coming.  There is something about this book and the structure in which Tessa Bailey writes it that works perfectly.  The entire prologue is the beginning of their friendship and their relationship moving forward without either of them realizing it.  These two have such a connection that their foundation is truly supported and thriving because of this friend that they created over the months that they have been long-distance.  

Fox, oh Fox, this guy is so lost in his self-worth and identity that you feel for him.  He has this idea of who he is based on who he thinks the town sees him as and he plays into this persona with gusto.  But he is so not this person at heart.  He is truly floundering, and Hannah brings out his best qualities even though he doesn’t’ realize it.

Hannah is a little lost as well.  She is working a job that she enjoys, but it isn’t what she truly wants to do.  But she is afraid to take the steps to move forward.  I love the way in which she sees Fox’s worth for the man she has gotten to know over months of texts.  She sees his best side, and wishes that he would see it as well

Music is a HUGE factor into this book, and I think it is perfectly integrated into the story in a way you don’t quite expect.  This is a slower burn than I am used to by Tessa Bailey, and while I missed it, their foundation and Fox’s identity needed it to be.