EP 191 Scoring with Brother’s Best Friend

On This episode of Buzzing about Romance – we’re talking about the Sibling’s Best Friend Trope in the context of Sports Romances. It’s the kind of love story that sets the field on fire, where passion both on and off the playing field takes center stage. So, lace up your metaphorical cleats, grab your favorite sports drink, and get ready for a thrilling ride through the dynamic realm where athletic prowess meets undeniable chemistry.  

The Sibling’s Best Friend Trope adds 

  • an extra layer of excitement (what do we love about this)  
  • forbidden longing (disapproving siblings)  
  • complexity (more to it than just friendship)  
  • When they Meet outside of the Siblings  

Romance Term of the Week-  morality chain In a romance novel, the term “morality chain” typically refers to a character who serves as a positive influence on another character, helping them make ethical or moral decisions. The morality chain often acts as a stabilizing or redeeming force in the story. This character might inspire the other to overcome flaws, make better choices, or grow emotionally. 

The concept of a morality chain adds depth and complexity to the characters and their relationships. It can be a central theme in the development of the romantic plot, showcasing the transformative power of love and moral support. The morality chain may guide the other character toward personal growth and moral improvement, ultimately contributing to the overall romantic narrative. 

Book of the Week

Quote of the week

“If you could be a fairy princess or a hot dog, which one would you pick?” 

Swag Packs sponsoring author for February 2024 – Brenda Rothert, Melanie Moreland, and Cala Riley

Books Mentioned this Episode

Holding by Alexandria House.  -her brother’s best friend (hockey) 

Van/Van 2 by Sawyer Benntt – her brother’s best friend/teammate (hockey) 

Chicago Racketeers- One of the guys is her best friend’s brother (hockey) 

Bain by Sawyer Bennett- he is her brother’s best friend /Teammate (hockey) 

Wood you marry me by Daphine Elliott- (Lumber Jack Sports)- Her brother’s best friend  

Wild Wicked Stallion by Mari Carr- Her best friend’s brother  (hockey)  

Leave Me Breathless by Carrie Elk’s – Best Friend’s little sister (winter sports)  

Only One Love by Natasha Madison  

Stone by Sawyer Bennett- Brother’s Best Friend 

Vegas Aces by Liza Suzanne- Brother’s best friend and teammate 

Whole Lotta Love by Erika Kelly Brother-in-law’s Best friend  

Made for Us by Natahsa Madison  

How to Score off the Field by Sara Ney  

Making His Play by Mari Carr- Sister’s best friend  


Against the Boards by Danica Flynn- Brother’s Best Friend  

A Favor for A Favor by Helena Hunting- brother’s best frenemie  

Fake Start by Jasmin Miller – Best Friend’s sister  

Hooked on her by Staci Lynn- Brother’s Best Friend  

Juciy Re-bound by Toni Aleo- Brother’s Best Freind  

Major Misconduct by Kelly Jamieson  Brother’s Best Freind 

If it is Only Love By Lexi Ryan Brother’s Best friend  

Dirty Secret by Mira Lyn Kelly – Brother’s Best Frenemy  

Melting the Ice by Jaci Burton Brother’s Best friend 

The Game Plan by Kristen Callihan Brother’s Best friend 

Trick Play  by Veronica Eden Heston University 3 

Matching All the Way  

The Hardest Fall by Ella Maise  

Little Lies by H. Hunting  

Wish by Cambria Herbert  Westbrook Elite #3 

Bain- Sawyer Bennett 

Made for Us – Natasha Madison  

Only One Love- Natasha Madison  

Something so Irresistible- Natasha Madison  

Hard Luck- Kat Mizera & Brenda Rothert 

Power Plays & Straight A’s – Eden Finley & Saxon James 

Goal Lines & First Times – Eden Finley & Saxon James  

Dax – Sawyer Bennett  

Dominik – Sawyer Bennett  

Dream Maker – Stacey Lynn 

Goal Chaser – Stacey Lynn 

Major Misconduct- Kelly Jamieson  

Face Off (Heller Brothers)- Kelly Jamieson  

A Favor for A Favor- Helena Hunting 

Little Lies- H Hunting 

Playing for Keeps- Kendall Ryan  

All the Way- Kendall Ryan  

Fake Out- Eden Finley (baseball, hockey, sports agent in KU)  

Matching All the Way – Veronica Eden (hockey, brothers best friend, coaches daughter in KU)  

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