Ep. 75 Gathering the Families of Romance

On this episode of Buzzing about Romance host Becky and Leah are joined by Podcast contributor Carolina. They are going to break down the family series of romance. Expectations of a Family Series. The Good and the Bad of a family series. Becky, Leah and Carolina will also provide you with the top 5 DNA families of romance for each of them that they would like to be apart of.

What is a Family Series? 

  •  When we say Family series we are talking about the main character in every book in the series are related.  The series from start to finish focus is the one Main Family.   

Concept of Family in Romance: 

  • DNA family  
  • This one goes without saying.  The born into family.  The one that you don’t have a choice, but to have in your life.  Whether lead by a matriarch; patriarch; or a unit they come in different styles, but have that blood bond. 
  • Found Family  
  • What is the found family? It is the friend group; military team; co-workers that have a connection and create a family of their own.  They become the ride or die persons that each can count on without thought.  They are the family that is chosen not given. 

Carolina, Leah and Becky will also give you their top 5 DNA Families of Romance make sure you listen to find out which families they are running away to join.

Book of the Week:   

Leah: I was doing some research for some upcoming episodes and did a re-read of the Redeeming Love Series by JE Parker, and also FINALLY read the duet that finished up this series.  Every Sin We Erase and Every Wound We Mend.  This series is wonderfully written.  It will break your heart over and over again, but put it back together.  It’s full of angst but it always makes sense and works.  And if you love an over-the top alpha firefighter who once they meet their match no one else exists for them, then this is the series for you.  

Becky: As part of the Clear your TBR Challenge I am working on some books that have been sitting on my tbr for way to long. This week I picked up Bromance Book Club by Alyssa Kay Adams.  (Book 1).  It was a marriage in crisis.  Baseball Player who has had the biggest moment in his career, a walk off grand slam to win a Play off game finds out on the night of his big play his wife has been faking her orgasms for the last 3 years. He is devastated.  There are some great pieces to this story. 

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Up next, we are sitting down with Author Krista Sandor to talk about her newest series the Nanny Love Match Series.  So if you want to hear us talk rom-coms with a great friend group of heroines join us as we talk to Krista about all things Nanny romance, and we will touch on her other series as well. 

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