Ep 70: Pick of the Heroes

On this Episode We are talking heroes and all the types that are out there.  We often talk about the different types of heroes and the ones we tend to favor.  But not everyone realizes all the different arc types there are for heroes.   We also will talk about the difference between a hero type and a trope and sometimes how it can be both. As break down  heroes and some of their characteristics we ill of course we will have some book recs so that you can check out some of our favorites.     

Now in romance we have different types of heroes.  Everywhere from the Bad Boy Hero to the Alpha-hole, to the possessive hero.   One hero can fit into multiple categories.  So we are going to give you are favorite type of hero and a book rec that we think best illustrates that kind of hero.  Hero typing can also fall in to trope categorizing also.  

Hero Types    

Reclusive Hero
Monosyllabic guy 
Possessive Hero
The Grumpy Hero 
Beta Hero 
Alpha Hole
Stern Brunch Daddy 
Law and Order Hero/Military Hero  
Bad Boy Hero 
Alpha Sports  
Alfa CEO/Billionaire


Military Heros:  




Cinnamon Roll Hero: 


Reclusive Hero

Monosyllabic Guy:

Possessive Hero:

The Grumpy Hero

Alpha Hole

Stern Brunch Daddy

Book of the week



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