Ep 50: Book Boyfriend Check list

On this episode of Buzzing about Romance we are talking book boyfriends.  The leading character that steals our heart. To help us with our book boyfriend list are the host of our sister podcast Corset and Crown, Duchess Katie and Lady Sadie. With their help we are going  to break down our Book Boy Friend list.

According to Urban Dictionary a Book Boyfriend is defined as The hero Male character in the romance novel you’re currently reading. Because real men suck at romance, the book boyfriend exists to fill the void.

Every Reader has different criteria and expectations from the hero in a book.  Sometimes we fall in love with the leading man and other times the leading male needs a good kick in the ass (freaking Nico).  

We wanted to share what each of us looks for in a book boyfriend.  What characteristics we find important.  We will of course be sharing book recs of some of our most favorite book boyfriends.  

Sadie’s Two Book Boyfriends! 

(Please note: by no means a complete list in any sort of order… Goodreads shelves are probably the most accurate for this.) 

Type One – realistic, lovely cinnamon roll, dependable, usually pines, probably a bit grumpy – probably still has trauma in his background — think I am married to this type  

  • Zaf from Dani Brown 
  • Zach from Keepsake 
  • Simon Burke from Better than People 
  • Charlie Matheson from Best Laid Plans
  • Ryder from Only When Its Us 
  • Matthew from Scandal in Spring 
  • Riley from Branded by Fire
  • Alejandro from Office Hours 
  • Erick from Her Naughty Holiday

Type Two – feral, possessive, probably killed at least one person, over the top, falls in love VERY FAST, has a tendency for dirty talk, still probably grumpy — note: would probably hate this dude IRL

  • Arthur from Lord of London Town 
  • Vasic from Shield of Winter
  • Clayton from Prince of Broadway 
  • Dorian from the Highwayman 
  • Nikolaj from Wicked Burn 
  • Finn from The Ones Who Got Away
  • Devil from Wicked and the Wallflower

Katie’s Book Boyfriends:
Ren Bergman from Always Only You
Benedict Bridgerton from Offer From A Gentleman
Rhys Winterborne from Marrying Winterborne
Zaf Ansari from Take A Hint, Dani Brown
Michael Sterling from When He Was Wicked
Matthew Swift from Scandal In Spring
Oliver Hawkes from A Notorious Vow
Josh Copeland from The Friend Zone
Josh Rideout from The Catch

Becky’s Book Boyfriend List: https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/8785665-becky-burrier?ref=nav_mybooks&shelf=book-boy-friends

Leah’s Book Boyfriend list:
Rhys Norcross—-the investigator Norcross security book 1the moment he sees Haven he is all in.  Once Haven gives in just a tiny bit, he takes that little bit and holds in doesn’t’ let go
Jake Weston—-Rock Bottom Girl by Lucy Score
Dirty talker—Wade by Mira Lyn Kelly
Cletus—Beard Science by Penny Reid
Noah Townsend—Until Fools Find Gold by Mary b Moore
Eric Wilde—Protecting Piper by Cynthia Eden
Loss Recovery—Wade by Jemma Westbrook
Dean—Every time I Fall by Lexi Ryan

Drunk Book Club: Drunk Book Club is June 12th!  100% Virtual.  We are reading Fix by Molly McAdams.  Drunk Book Club is an exclusive event to our Patreon members. If you would like to give it a try before you commit 100% send us a message and we will let you know how you do that! 

New Patreon Members:  Welcome to the Hive, Cassie and Kelly !  We are so excited to have you as part of our Shenanigans  

What else we’re reading this week/weekend:
Katie: The Doctor’s Discretion by E.E. Ottoman for an upcoming QSR, also My Fake Rake by Eva Leigh because it’s been on my TBR for far too long
Sadie: Honestly – more PsyChangeling – I swear I read other things. And I am really excited about One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston!
Leah: Reckless Suit by Alexia Chase in prep for a QSR among MANY others.
Becky: Knocked up Secret Baby Anthology- This first Anthology.  

Notable Upcoming releases: (Books releasing 6/6- 6/12) 
Playmaker: A Moo U Hockey Romance   by Sierra Hill Jun 7
Loved by the Hitman by Fiona Davenport   Jun 7
Goalkeeper: A Moo U Hockey Romance  by Andi Burns Jun 7, 2021
Snowballed: A Moo U Hockey Romance by Melanie Ting Jun 7, 2021
Taken by the Hitman Part of: Men of Ruthless Corp | by Nichole Rose | Jun 8
My Rebound (On My Own Book 2) by Carrie Ann Ryan  | Jun 8
THE Change-up by AM Williams June 8
Falling for the Delta by Susan Stoker and Riley Edwards | Jun 8
When You’re Mine (The Gallaghers book 2 )  by Layla Hagen | Jun 8
Friends With Benedicts: A Small Town Romantic Comedy by Staci Hart  | Jun 8
Toying:(Unleashed Romance, Book 4)  by Kylie Gilmore  | Jun 8, 2021
Sing to Me (The Baxter Boys Book 2) by Mindy McKinley June 8
The Wicked Aftermath (The Wickeds: Dark Knights at Bayside Bk 2)- Melissa Foster Jun 9
The Sophomore by Monica Murphy | Jun 10
Until Thor by Nicole Rodrigues  June 11
Origins & Ink: Nix by Emily Rose June 11

Summer reading challenge update:  
First Bingo Drawing is June 7th.  We will have a drawing every Monday from June 7th – Sept 1st.  We will announce our Grand Prize winner on Sept 2nd! 

Next Up (what we are discussing next time):  We are talking with Romantic Suspense Author Max Walker.  Max Walker writes stories from the heart and for the heart. He’s been writing ever since he could remember, and is still blown away that readers all around the world are now reading his words. He’s published over 15 novels and launched over four series, all of them featuring gay leads. Currently, Max lives in Atlanta, GA with his partner and their two furbabies, Minnie the swamp-monster/cockapoo hybrid and Misu the calico kitty queen.

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