EP 190 Romance Bookish Chatter

On this episode of Buzzing about Romance Amanda, Heather join Becky are here with all the recent Romance Bookish Chatter. We’ll be updating you on our latest literary discoveries through the New Author Challenge, discussing upcoming events that have us buzzing with excitement, and sharing our current reads that have captured our hearts. Stay tuned for a delightful blend of bookish insights and heartfelt recommendations to fill your TBR.   

This Episode is brought to you by author Marie Johnston .
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Discussion Points

  • What new authors have you found so far in 2024  
  • What are you reading?  
  • Any book word topics/Drama  
  • Signing Wishlist

Book of the Week

This weeks Quote –

This weeks- “Baby, I don’t know how to be any clearer. Every second spent with you is my favorite. Stop trying to put yourself last when you’re number one for me.”

Swag Packs sponsoring author for February 2024 – Brenda Rothert, Melanie Moreland, and Cala Riley

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