Ep 166: The Super Small-Town Superlative

On this episode of Buzzing about Romance Carolina and Amanda join Becky to give you our Small-Town Superlative.  Before we get into them let’s talk about the vibe of a small town and expectations.   

Small town topics we discuss

  • What makes a small town? Vibe or size  
  • Location- proximity to larger city – suburb vs rural town  
  • Location to amenities   
  • Distance to get to amenities/luxuries  
  • Can small towns have an airport? 
  • (it can take 20 mins to get to target if you live in a metro area or a suburb)  

Small towns – do you read a variety authors.   

Small Town Superlatives

  1. Most Likely to Have a Bigfoot Sighting 
  2. Town Most Likely to Host a Food Competition 
  3. The Best Library (or insert any other type of building/business) Award 
  4. Nosiest Neighbor Award 
  5. Prettiest Town Square Award 
  6. Most Scenic View 
  7. Most Likely to Have Danger Lurking Around Every Corner 
  8. Most likely to host the X-Games (Extreme Sports)  
  9. Home of the Cowboys  
  10. Mostly Likely to meet a Billionaire  
  11. Best Small Town Gossip Chain (Winners of a game of telephone)  
  12. Most Likely to have family Drama ( Family series)  
  13. Best Place to Ski  
  14. Most likely to be on the “Nice” List  
  15. Hometown Heartthrobs – (small town swoon)  
  16. Most Likely to be Kidnapped
  17. Best Romancelandia Farmers Market  
  18. Most Athletic Home Town (A pro sports hero returns)  
  19. Best Small Town Bakery  
  20. Best Small Town Drinks (coffee shops, breweries, distillery or winery) 
  21. Best Beach Town 
  22. Best Place to have a Wedding 

Book of the Week:

August Swag Pack Authors – Book Recs
Sponsoring author Kennedy L Mitchell and Melissa Foster

Books Mentioned this episode:

Becky’s List

  1. Big Sky Country, MT Rushed by Aurora Rose Reynolds
  2. Falls Creek, NC What heals Us by Maggie Gates
  3.  Jackson Harbor, MI by Lexi Ryan
  4. Papillon, LA   Butterfly Bayou by Lexi Blake 
  5. Cherry Tree Harbor by Melanie Harlow 
  6. SIlver Island, MA Melissa Foster 
  7. Redemption Hills, CA by AL Jackson 
  8. Clamity Falls, WY by Erika Kelly
  9. Mason Creek, MT by Multi Author Series 
  10. Hunter Valley, Montanna by Vanessa Vale
  11. Bootleg Springs, WV by Lucy Score Claire Kinglsey
  12. River Rock, Colorado by Stacey Kennedy 
  13. Madigan Mountain, CO by Rebecca Yarros, Sarina Bowen, Devney Perry
  14. Reindeer Falls by Jana Aston
  15. Willow Spring  Kincaid Brothers by  Kaylee Ryan
  16. Wolf Gap, OR Tattered and Torn Series Catherine Coweles
  17. Friendship, R IIn a Jam by Kate Canterbary
  18. Crytal Lake, MI by Juliana Stone
  19. Small Town, Iowa Sugar Coated by Erin Nicholas
  20. Drakesvile, PA by Danica Flynn
  21. Somewhere in the South Small Town Southern Wedding Series by Natasha Madison Nosiest
  22. North Carolina Outer Banks Last Call Series by Sawyer Bennett 

Carolina’s List

  1. MaineWood You Marry Me by Daphne Elliiott
  2. Any Melissa Foster Small Town
  3. Saddle Creek, TX Lone Star Ex-Con by Kat Baxter
  4. Wintervilleby Carrie Elks
  5. Hamilton, Montana Meet Me in Montana by Kelly Elliott
  6. Hope Valley Hope Valley Series by Jessica Prince
  7. Hope Valley, CO – Redemption Ranch The Trouble with Whiskey by Melissa Foster
  8. Moss Creek, Montana Cowboy Classified by Janice Whitaker 
  9. Devil’s Bluffs Most Eligible Cowboy by  Stacey Kennedy 
  10. Silver Island The Steeles at Silver Island Series by Melissa Foster
  11. Tannon Boys by Lauren Landish
  12. Winterville Leave Me Breathless by Carrie Elks
  13. Winterville by Carrie Elks
  14. Bellamy Creek Make Me Yours & Call Me Crazy by Melanie Harlow
  15. Hope Valley Come Back Home Again & The Best of Me by Jessica Prince
  16. Racing Hearts, Bennett Boys Ranch by Lauren Landish
  17. Not My Romeo by Ilsa Madden Mills
  18. Nova Scotia Tiers of Joy Lauren Grace 
  19. Silver Harbor (Bistro) Maybe We Will by Melissa Foster
  20. Newberry Springs (Brewery ) Everything to Lose by Harlow James
  21. Cloverleigh Farms the whole series by Melanie Harlow
  22. Silver Harbor or Silver Island by Melissa Foster

Amanda’s List

  1. Fall Port, VA Searching for Lilly (Book 1 – Eagle Point Search and Rescue) by Susan Stoker
  2. Freedom, Kansas After Hours on Milagro Street by Angelina M. Lopez
  3. Green Valley, TN Love in Due Time (Green Valley Public Library – Smarty Pants) by L.B. Dunbar
  4. Paintbrush Peak, CO Briar’s Mountain Man (Book 2 – Mtn Men of Paintbrush Peak) by Mimi Kinley
  5. Boonsboro, MD The Perfect Hope (Book 3 – Inn at Bonnsboro Trilogy) by Nora Roberts
  6. Bangor, Alasaka The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker
  7. Aplana Island, MA Arrows & Apologies (Book 4 – Monster & Muses) by Sav R. Miller
  8. Redemption Hills, CA Give Me A Reason (Book 1 – Redemption Hills Series) by A.L. Jackson
  9. Rising Sun, Wyoming Everything I Have (Book 2 – Everything Series)A.K. Evans
  10. Oak Falls, Virginia & Pleasant Hill, Maryl and Hot for Love (Book 7 – Bradens & Montgomerys Series by Melissa Foster
  11. Unnamed Southern Town Southern Comfort (Book 2 – Southern Series) by Natasha Madison
  12. Hunter Valley, Montana Man Candy by Vanessa Vale
  13. Time River, CO Love Me Today (Book 1 – Time River Series) by A.L. Jackson
  14. Coal Haven, North Dakota Make Me Whole (Book 1 – Oil Barrons Series) by Marie Johnston
  15. Madigan Mountain, Colorado A Little Too Late (Book 1 – Madigan Mtn Series) by Sarina Bowen
  16. Garnet Bend, Montana Montana Sanctuary (Book 1 – Resting Warrior Ranch Series) by Josie Jade & Janie Crouch
  17. Walkins Glen, Alabama The Broken One (Book 2 – Falcon Falls Series) by Brittney Sahin
  18. Littleburn, Canada Revved to the Mass (Book 1 – Reynolds Restoration Series) by Melanie Moreland
  19. Cradle Mountain, Idaho Aidan (Book 5 – Blue Halo Series) by Nyssa Kathryn
  20. Ruby Creek, Canada A False Start (Book Four – Gold Rush Ranch Series) by Elsie Silver
  21. Green Valley, TN Stud Muffin – Donner Bakery (Book One – Fighting for Love Series) by Jiffy Kate
  22. Silver Island, MA (Top of the Island Vineyard) Caught by Love (Book 3 – The Steeles at Silver Island) by Melissa Foster
  23. Sweetbriar, Oregon From the Heart – Violet’s (Book Three – Barrett Sisters) by Nora Everly
  24. Bayside, MAA Little Bit Wicked (Book One – The Wickeds: Dark Knights) by Melissa Foster

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