Ep 111: Character Chat- The Scoundrel

On this Episode of Buzzing about Romance Becky is joined by co-hosts of the Corset and Crown Podcast- Duchess Katie and Lady Sadie for our first ever Character Chat all about The Scoundrel.

For this Character chat we are going to talk about the Scoundrel. The Anti-hero. The ones the live in the morally grey area of the law and society.  Even Scoundrels Deserve an HEA.   

In General what do you want in a Scoundrel Character-  

What is it about these characters that you think that endears them to readers?  

Scoundrels are not just the Male MC it can also be the Female MC.   

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Next Up: We are going to be joined by some the best and brightest of The Audiobook World.   

Question: Name one of the characteristics we think a Scoundrel has.

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