End of Us by Kylie Scott

Exs- working on a reno project finding their divorce decree from 10 years in the future… Chaos and shenanigans ensue.

I am a big fan of Kylie Scott. I have read all her books. I was so excited to see something new from her.  
I am always excited to see what antics are going to happen in a story written by Kylie Scott. I know that we are going to get sassy main characters and an enjoyable journey to the HEA.  

I am not sure I love the DIY romance trend happening right now so I did go in a bit skeptical on this title. The premise of this one is different than Scott’s other books.  

I loved the characters of this story.  I just really got caught up in the premises of the divorce decree in the future. It made sense in the boundaries of the story but I am still not sure if I LOVED it.  

There was a throwback feel to this book to some early 2000 rom-coms. You have wacky side characters, plot that connects supporting characters, and the final resolution. I enjoyed the character development and along with the pacing of the story it did make for an enjoyable read. I am just not sure it is my favorite from the author.  

If you are looking for a lighthearted read with great characters and can suspend some timeline manipulation than you should check out End of Story.  

Bok Rundown:
Rating: 3/5
Tropes: DIY, Second -Chance, Close Proximity, Rom-Com
Publisher- HQN
Available- all retailers