De-café review of Catastrophe Queen by Emma Hart

**What is a de-café review** It is a quick snapshot review of a book.  Nothing to in depth just the light basics of the story and I think it is worth reading. ****

Hot Damn Emma Hart you make me giggle out loud while listening/reading your books.  I was looking for something fun and flirty to listen to while I do my daily walk on the treadmill. I wanted something easy to help pass the time while I walked to nowhere.  Boy did you deliver.

Meet the Characters:

Mallory is one sassy, sarcastic and slightly klutzy. 

Cameron- real estate broker, slightly a mama’s boy and not so klutzy 

From Pink Flamingo underwear in the street at their Meet Cute to the contestant spilled coffee this book will keep you laughing.  Throw in a sassy mouth Great Aunt and a grumpy grandpa just to keep you guessing what is next.  Emma Hart has a way of writing her character that keeps you engaged completely.  You will start this book and not be able to put it down.  Do yourself a favor while reading this  don’t drink a hot cup off coffee, than you would be like me and end up spraying it out in style.