Dangerous Innocence | Cora Reilly

To say I have been anxious for this release is an understatement.  Cora was one of the first mafia authors I read; and I fell hard and fast for her mafia men.  When it was announced we would get a new New York mafia family, and Irish this time I was ecstatic! The Devaney family did not disappoint, especially Lorcan.  Lorcan, the second oldest son, runs the family business in New York where the bulk of his family resides in Ireland.  Lorcan has a deep respect for family, and longs for love and family in the states.  When he first sees Aislinn he is instantly intrigued by the young Irish beauty, and her feistiness. 

Aislinn Killeen has lived a somewhat sheltered life with her mum, sister, and nephew.  When her sister decides to set off to America to live out her dream, Aislinn ends up in the states when she hasn’t heard from her.  The visit puts her right in Lorcan’s sights. Although Aislinn has had a lot of responsibility in her young life, she is also naive and immature.  Throughout the book I found myself needing to remind myself that she is young, under 20 and has not lived outside of her small town in Ireland.  

Lorcan and Aislinn have some serious intense connections, and it is evident that the pair are growing close and they find comfort in one another…even if they do not trust each other fully.  Their relationship is based on an intense sexual chemistry.  Friends, Cora really brings the spice in this! Their sexual magnetism was electric,  while Aislinn started off inexperienced, she is a quick study and Lorcan was more than happy to be her teacher.  I also loved how Lorcan and Aislinn wrapped Finn, Aislinn’s nephew, up in love and gave him the support that he needed to thrive. 

As always, Cora’s side characters added to the enjoyment of this book. Lorcan’s brothers have me anxiously awaiting their books. Balor, I am looking at you!  

Overall, this was a great start to a brand new series, however, there were times that I really struggled with Aislinn.  She was obsessed with finding her sister, Imgoen even after her sister was extraordinarily selfish and had no interest in owning up to her responsibilities. Imogen needs to do a lot of growth to redeem herself in my eyes.  I do feel like Aislinn grew and matured throughout the book and in the end, I feel like she realized that Lorcan was always looking out for her and Finn’s best interest.