Chemistry of the Heart by Emi Leon

Release Date: September 21
The line between hate and love blurs when two exes still sizzle more than a Bunsen burner on full blast.

I have two goals: Sign-off on the newest pill for-her-pleasure as a favor to the CEO and ferret out the mole selling company secrets to an investigative journalist. I didn’t expect to find my ex-husband in the pharmaceutical lab where I’m assigned to work.

Sam Grant: reserved, quiet, exceptional in bed. He’s always been the stable and responsible one. I brought the chaos.

But we’re no longer who we were all those years ago.

Every day of sparring and banter shows me what we could be. It’s taking all I have to keep my hands to myself and not give in to our chemistry.

My dream job is on the line, and I’m afraid if I let myself fall for Sam again, I’ll lose everything.

As the secrets start to mount, I have to figure out if I can trust Sam and…myself.

Chemistry of the Heart, a steamy rom-com series set at a pharmaceutical company in Seattle, Washington, features second chance after divorce, opposites attract, women in STEM, age gap, and misguided matchmaking tropes. Find out what happens when a scientist must rely on the one woman he never got over, his ex-wife, to help him confirm the results on an important drug trial and to also clear his name.
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Meet Emi Leon

Emi Leon lives in Washington state and writes steamy rom-coms. She believes love and laughter go hand-in-hand. 

Nerdy and grumpy heroes are her favorites. The fact she married one has absolutely nothing to do with it. She’s a STEM girl turned romance writer, who hangs out in coffee shops working on her stories and reading. Just look for the woman in smart girl glasses, ponytail, and steaming beverage, who may blush when she gets to the good parts (i.e. sexy times.) 


She has a thing for F1 drivers and hockey players. You will also find her dancing around the house. It doesn’t matter if she’s alone or not, but please, no videos. There are some things you can’t unsee even if it brings her joy! She thinks everyone needs a happily ever afters. And a dog. Oh, a cat, too!

To learn more about Emi and her books, visit here!  
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