Callum | Sawyer Bennett

I have had a crush on the mysterious Callum Derringer since January 11, 2022. His take charge attitude, confidence, and presence lured me in.  Callum has always been a character in the Titan’s series that is there for everyone, but always kept his cards close to the vest, never letting people see too much.  When Sawyer announced his book (FINALLY 😉 ) I was counting the days.  And if you thought Callum exudes confidence before prepare thyself for a fired up more confident and protective version of himself! 

Juniper Ryan lived a life she never wanted to protect the one person that loved her more than her first love.  When she married a man she fell in love with another, and life took a turn for the worse. When her first love, Callum is back in town and is able to see what has become of her life he steps in.  But in truth Juniper just needed someone to support her and a little help to make her move.  Juniper is such a courageous woman.  She stood her ground and didn’t let fear rule her life. 
While some may think that Juniper bloomed once Callum was back in her life, I think they both did.  Callum lived for being the GM of the Titans, but Juniper brough light back into his life.  I thoroughly enjoyed how their relationship grew and rekindled over time and it wasn’t instantaneous.  Juniper needed time and space to thrive in her new environment and learn to trust again.  And Callum, well he needed to show Juniper he was all in and that he could be trusted with her heart once again.  In true Bennett fashion she pulled the Titan ladies together and each of their personalities shone. Readers were also presented with another side of professional hockey that we often do not get in books, the business decisions that are made off the ice and in the off season.  Once again, Bennett gave us a couple that worked hard for their HEA and this was a book I didn’t want to end and stayed up way past my bedtime reading! The Pittsburg Titans have quickly become one of my favorite hockey teams in the romance hockey world!  

**Please note, Juniper was in a dangerous and unhealthy situation that she desperately needed to break free from.  Some readers may find this difficult to read.**