Bridges Burned | Marie James

Hollis Ford is a man that lives on the fringes of society and enjoys it.  His life has not been easy.  He has seen and heard a lot of things that make him very jaded.  

Madelene’s life has never been her own.  She is a pawn in a game.  But she is far more observant than those around her give her credit for.  

When Hollis takes on a very dangerous mission he isn’t expecting to come face to face with the man who ruined his life.  But he does.  And is hyper focused on it.  Madelene is there, too. But she is not who Hollis thinks she is.  

This duo was so fascinating to me as they haven’t had people in their life that they could trust or rely on but manage to trust each other.  Their relationship grows out of proximity, and Hollis tests Madelene, all while she is testing him.  It is an interesting dynamic, and yet they are still drawn to one another.  Like the other books in this series there are twists and turns that you never see coming, and it is a wild ride! So wild! I love how their lives intersect.  And the chemistry and tension between them is written SO.DARN.WELL! This book was so difficult to put down as I couldn’t wait to see where James in store for us and Hollis & Madelene.  If you love dark romance with anti heroes that warm your heart and a slow burn romance this book is for you! I am so excited for the rest of the books in this series…of course she gives a big tease at the end!

**CHECK your trigger warnings**