Book Review: Unending Love by Stacey Lynn

A heartwarming sports romance about a single mom and a famous hockey player navigating co-parenting and rekindling their love after a surprise reunion

“Unending Love” by Stacey Lynn is a charming and heartwarming sports romance that brings together the excitement of professional hockey with the sweetness of small-town life. The story centers on Emily, a single mom doing her best to provide a good life for her son, Landon, after a one-night stand leaves her without a way to contact the father. When fate brings Cade, a famous NHL player and Landon’s father, back into her life, the two must navigate the complexities of co-parenting, family dynamics, and rekindling their past spark.

The book kicks off with a classic “secret baby” trope, but it quickly evolves into something deeper and more nuanced. Emily, a relatable and strong heroine, never gave up on providing for her son, despite not knowing Cade’s last name or having any way to reach him. When she finally crosses paths with Cade again, the story shifts into high gear as both characters deal with the shock and joy of discovering their connection.

Cade, a successful hockey player with a family-owned ranch, is instantly likable. His reaction to learning about Landon is refreshingly positive; he’s enthusiastic and all-in from the get-go. His willingness to go slow and let Emily take the lead in integrating him into Landon’s life shows a depth of character that makes him a standout among romance heroes.

One of the highlights of “Unending Love” is the authentic portrayal of family dynamics. Cade’s family, despite their initial surprise, embraces Emily and Landon warmly, adding to the story’s cozy, small-town vibe. The interactions among the characters feel real and believable, with just the right amount of tension and support to keep the reader engaged.

However, there are a few criticisms worth noting. Landon, the 3.5-year-old son, occasionally displays behavior and vocabulary that seem more appropriate for an older child. This inconsistency can pull the reader out of the story at times. Additionally, there are some small inconsistencies within the plot that may disrupt the flow for detail-oriented readers. These issues, while minor, can detract from the overall immersion in the story.

While the story does lean towards the “insta-love” trope, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it works well within this context. The chemistry between Emily and Cade is palpable, and their journey from strangers to co-parents to potential lovers is handled with care and realism. Their willingness to put Landon’s needs first and work together for his benefit is both touching and inspiring.

Overall, “Unending Love” is a delightful read that combines the thrill of sports romance with the warmth of family ties and small-town charm. If you’re looking for a cute, feel-good story with a surprise baby twist, Stacey Lynn’s latest novel might just be the perfect pick for you. Despite its minor flaws, it’s a heartwarming journey of love, family, and second chances.

Book Stats:
Rating: 4/5
Series: Kelly Family Series
Tropes: secret-baby, sports, hockey-romance, instant-attraction, one-night-stand, single-mom, single-parent, family-series, Slow Burn
Pop: 70%
3rd Act Break up- No but a dark moment
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