Book Review: A Measure of a Man by Molly McLain

Charming small-town swoon-fest


A Measure of a Man by Molly McLain is the third book in the Cole Creek series, a charming small-town romance that captures the heart and soul of its characters. The story revolves around Justin “Jinx” Enders, a lovable goofball known for his easy-going nature and dedication to his landscaping business. Beneath his playful exterior lies a man deeply committed to his community and family, working tirelessly to gain his brother’s recognition.

Enter Rachel Perry, a recently divorced single mom of two and a dedicated kindergarten teacher. Rachel represents many women who have sacrificed their dreams for the sake of their families. Her journey of self-discovery and healing from a prolonged, unhappy marriage is both relatable and inspiring.

What I Loved:

The chemistry between Jinx and Rachel is undeniable, and their banter brings a delightful energy to the story. Jinx’s care and affection for Rachel and her children make him the epitome of a book boyfriend—thoughtful, supportive, and utterly swoon-worthy. The development of their relationship feels authentic as they navigate the complexities of their pasts and work towards a future together. The small-town setting of Cole Creek adds a cozy, intimate backdrop that enhances the overall charm of the story.

What Could Have Been Better:

While the book maintained a strong narrative for the majority, I found the final 23% of the story lacking. The absence of a typical third-act breakup the author dragged out the ending. It seemed as though the author struggled with how to conclude the book, resulting in a drawn-out ending that lost some emotional impact. Up until this point, the book was a solid five-star read for me, potentially one of the top reads of 2024. However, the ending left me feeling somewhat disappointed, leading to my decision to skim through the last portion.

Final Thoughts:

Despite the less-than-satisfying ending, A Measure of a Man remains a captivating and heartwarming read. Jinx Enders is a standout character who will undoubtedly earn a place among your favorite book boyfriends. The story of love, resilience, and finding oneself amidst life’s challenges makes this book a worthy addition to the Cole Creek series. I look forward to seeing what Molly McLain has in store for her readers next.

If you’re a fan of small-town romances with endearing characters and genuine chemistry, A Measure of a Man is definitely worth a read. Just be prepared for an ending that might leave you wanting a bit more.

Book Stats:
Rating 4/5
Series: Cole Creek
Tropes: Small Town, Slow Burn, Blue Collar, Age-Gap, Single Mom, friends to lovers
Pop: 46% / 77%
3rd Act Break Up- No