Bond by Mary B. Moore

Stars: 5/5
Steam: 4/5
Trope: Slow Burn; Single Mom;Rom-com; Instant Connection
Series: Kleins Brothers Book 1
POV: Dual 1st Person

I continue to say how much I love each and every book by Mary B. Moore and I am constantly recommending her to everyone I know. And she doesn’t disappoint with this book. We originally meet Bond in his brother’s book, Talk Flirty to Me, and you just know that when the Klein brothers fell they were going to fall hard and fast. Heidi is a single mom, and the circumstances with the father are understandable and heartbreaking when you meet him. The one difference with this book that many of Moore’s other books is the lack of side characters, not to say that we don’t get them, but there isn’t an over abundance of them in the interactions with Heidi and Bond. But I didn’t need or miss the side characters. We got enough intro to the new that sets you up for more. But enough of the rest to settle my insane need for the Townsends. I thought that the relationship between Bond and Nemi, Heidi’s little girl, was perfect.

Then in the epilogue you get a look into the future and the dynamic with the entire Klein family that you can’t help but love.