Becky’s Summer Reading  Plans

Why is summer reading such a big deal?

Summer reading typically refers to the practice of reading books that are light and engaging.  It is a break from regular academic or work material.  This tradition of summer reading stems from the educational systems and is often encouraged by schools, libraries, and parents.

Summer reading should provide an opportunity for personal enjoyment and leisure. Many people use the summer as a time to explore new genres, authors, or topics they find interesting. It allows individuals to expand their knowledge, discover new perspectives, and engage with literature in a more relaxed and leisurely manner.

Often people think of summer as the time they can read what they want. I think we should read what we want all the time.  Taking all of that into account I am going to shake some things up!

This summer I am challenging myself to step outside my typical reading.

I am going to try some new to me subgenres of romance. One area that have been hesitant to go into is PNR, Fantasy, and Monster.  I dabble in monster for the fun but have not fully explore the offerings. 

As always I am late to this party. I think it can be hard to figure out where to start when exploring a new subgenre. Relying on my friends and my reading community to help me find books is the easiest way to go. I am going to start small with novella and work my way to more involved stories. Figuring out what I like and what works for me is going to be the challenge. 

I think summer is a great time to step outside the typical and find something new. It will open a whole world of new adventures. 

Here are some fun books on my summer TBR: