All the Ugly Things: Love & Lies Duet-Book one by Stacey Lynn

Rating: 5/5
Steam: 2/5
Angst: 4/5
Trope: Redemption, different worlds, not good enough for him/her, rich man, poor woman, rescue romance, tragic past, family drama, cliffhanger
Trigger: Deals with addiction, death, incarceration, history of abuse, and assault.
Series: Book 1/2 Love and Lies Duet

All the Ugly Things: Love & Lies Duet-Book one by Stacey Lynn tells the story of Lilly and Hudson.

Lilly has been sentenced for a crime she did not commit. Released from prison on parole she meets David while working at a diner. Lilly afraid to trust anyone and determined to keep her head down and just work her program is hesitant to trust anyone.  When she continues to refuse a job from David, he sends his son Hudson.

As Lilly begins to trust Hudson and David, she starts to have feelings for Hudson. Lilly and Hudson are both weighed down by their secrets.  They have both lost someone close to them. These secrets have the power to do a lot of damage to them both. 

Not your typical story of redemption.   A story that shows the ugly side of human nature. Lilly is a child when her father turns on her; forcing her to accept responsibility for something that was not her fault. Lilly is left a lone in the world and forced to grow up in a way none of should have to.  Finally free of the bars of prison Lilly has accepted her reality and is just trying to survive.  She is defeated and weighed down by All the Ugly Things that have happened to her. 

It is such an emotional read. You are right with Lilly fighting for her.  Hoping for her.  Knowing she deserves better.  You are hoping the Hudson is going to be that guy.  Hudson’s secret could very well break them. I wasn’t sure why David and Hudson were set on helping Lilly specifically. By the end of book 1 it isn’t a 100% clear still as to the why.. But I have hope and ideas.

I really need Hudson to pull through on this because Lilly needs his love and deserves the world!

This book does end in a cliffhanger and we will have to wait just a few weeks to get our hands on book 2, where we will learn the secrets and if Lilly and Hudson will have their HEA.

There is a uniqueness to this story that you don’t often get with a story of redemption.  Stacey Lynn engaged in this story.  It brings big emotions with it.  I really can not wait until book 2 comes out.