A Love Letter to Romance

When I started my blog back in January I never imagined that I would connect and find such an amazing female driven and supportive community. I have always loved romance and often share my love of them with anyone who will listen, and sometimes with people who don’t. As I have joined this group of romance loving bloggers I have connected strongly with a few of them. In a recent interaction I realized that not everyone has always lived their love of Romance out loud, but also their love of the genre has come with criticism and judgement. With most things in my life I could not live with this or let it stand. So I posed the following question to my fellow bloggers, Why Romance? Share your story. What has come out of this is the sharing of stories and situations we might all have experienced. It also shows us that love can help us overcome almost anything. I will be posting four Blogs, one written by me (Bookcase and Coffee) and 3 others by fellow bloggers, Literary Illusions, Wide Eyed Book Reviews, Books for Cookies next Friday March 27th.

This group of blog post is very special and I want to to shine. Make sure you check back next Friday and see Why Romance.

If you click the Menu button that says “Why Romance” it will take you to all of the post.

Always remember there is power in love and we are a community here for you!