Vicious Seduction | Jill Ramsower

The Byrne family has quickly become one of my favorite mafia families! I love how they value family and how possessive they are about their women.  And the mouths on these Byrne men. And friends, Oran completely followed suit.  

If there is any Bryne man that deserves a woman that loves him with her full heart it is him.  Oran works hard for the family business but has been burned by a woman recently and has focused his energy and revenge for his family.  That is until he stumbles upon the intriguing woman he can’t stop thinking about with his biggest enemy. Lina Schultz is on a mission. 

I love how Ramsower kept readers on their toes and in the dark a bit. 
Lina is such a dynamic character.  It is clear that her family and career  is important to her, but she keeps her cards very close to the vest so to speak.  You are never quite sure what Lina is up to.  Very similar to Oran.  

Oran and Lina have some serious tension and sexual chemistry that just leaps off the page. While Lina is singularly focused on her mission, Oran cannot help himself and all but obsesses over Lina. And when I tell you I squealed when Oran exerted his dominance in the best possible way I am not even lying!
If you love a dirty talking, super possessive mafia boss that isn’t afraid to fall head over heels in love this definitely needs to be your next read! 


Rating: 4 stars
POV: first person, dual POV
POP: 66% 

Series: The Byrne Brother book 4 

Type of Series: Interconnected
Tropes: Enemies to lovers, forced proximity, family series, mafia, fake engagementRelease Date: 2/8/24
Available on Kindle Unlimited

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