Mac and Gwen are back. In book one we deal with Gwen and Mac reconnecting.  Gwen disclosing about their son Tristan.  As we finish book one, Undisclosed, we learn that Gwen thinks she is pregnant, and Mac is in shock. 

So many things in this book were unexpected for me! A cliff hanger..  nothing stresses me out like a cliff hanger. Mac and Gwen are such great characters I have this overwhelming desire to just KNOW everything right now!

I love a good secret baby trope.  I am not always a fan of second chance romance, but this is done so well.  I love all the players on the field in this story except Mac’s Dad.  But I want to shake Mac for being dense and Gwen for not just letting her feelings flow. These two might be some of the most stubborn creatures on Earth.  I do love how they are coming together to create their own vision for their family. 

At the end of the day this is a well written and good story. It is book 2 of a trilogy and you absolutely need to read book one or you will spend a lot of time going huh? I can not wait for book three and the conclusion of this story. I am kind of desperate to see if Gwen and Mac can over come the latest obstacles to their happiness, also get their head’s out of the sand and realize they are better together. 

This was a 4.5/ 5 read for me. While the story line did move forward some, I wish there had been even a little resolution of some of the past problems from book one instead of just heaping on more problems to their situation.