Trying to like coffee.

Funny Story:

So coffee is my thing.  Honestly the first thing I think of in the morning before I even get my day started is coffee.  I can not wait to have my first cup of coffee.  As typical with any Saturday Morning I had a list of things we needed to accomplish to get the day started.  The Man was super nice to me and started my coffee before my eyes were even open.  (Me winning).  I had like 23% left of a book I started yesterday, and I wanted to get it done so I could focus on the day to come.  (Book Review to Post soon, ironically the book is Coffee Girl by Sophie Sinclair.)  My list of things to do involved going to the grocery, my least favorite activity, but bonus our local Kroger has a Starbucks! I hurry up and finish the book all the while enjoying my amazing cup of coffee. 

The Man and I head out grab our first round of groceries and head to the Kroger.  I walk in and be line for the Starbucks, the Man however thinks we should wait until we are done to get coffee. I guess it will be a reward for not murdering him in the grocery store.  We finish our shopping; he heads out to put the groceries in the car. I head to the Starbucks.  Typically, the Man does not care for coffee, but as of late he has been trying it more and more.  He told me he wanted one of the blended drinks that our teenage daughter typically gets, “something chocolatey and frozen”.  I got him the Mocha Cookie Crumble; I swear it was the girliest drink on the menu.  For me it was a venti Carmel Macchiato on ice with 2 extra shots of expresso.  He hated the drink, couldn’t finish it.  I going to convert him to at least go for a less girly coffee.

I honestly felt like I was cheating on my coffee by buying that drink.  I really am not a huge fan of blended coffee drinks.  I also don’t think you need to add a ton to your coffee.  I a little milk, a little sweetener and that is all you need. I really can’t even do flavored creamers or flavored coffee.  For me they over power what I love most about coffee.