So if you follow the podcast, or are part of the Buzzing About Romance community of readers then you know how much we love romance books. But we typically have a special love of the sports romance. Hockey (which is probably our most read), football, baseball, even soccer. However, there are SO MANY MORE options out there of not your typical sports romance. I have read a few, and we have asked community members for other options in the past.

You can check out some of hockey recs here.

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What do I love about the sports romance?

We have had a couple of different episodes in which we chat about hwy we love the sports romance. The team dynamics… the camaraderie that comes with a team… the focus that the athletes have… or even the focus that they lost and are trying to find are just some of the reasons that we love a sports romance.

Often times, I love a heroine that doesn’t know anything about the sport of the hero to their book not because they are naive or ignorant of the sports world, but because they truly aren’t interested in it. They are readers or writers or they have a love o a different sport.

What do I not love?

There are times when authors focus on the playboy aspect of the romance… and while yes they exist it isn’t every single player. And I also wish we had more of the not typical sports that are easily found. There are so many different sports in the world, and many of them are professional, but yet there is a higher abundance of some over the others.

But also, one thing that is abhorrent… is when an author gets the sport wrong. They use the wrong terms, the wrong time frames. They dont have an understanding of the basics of the game. They mix up basic facts in the sport itself.

If I am reading a sports romance, I don’t need it to be immersed in sports. It can be a sport light romance. But I need a romance that the sport is right!

But here are some options that aren’t the typical sports romance.