The Faker by Gina Azzi

NHL hotshot Torsten Hansen is a lot of things. My husband shouldn’t be one of them. 
One emotional night slinging tequila shots and singing karaoke with the Hawks defenseman turns into more than I bargained for. A wicked hangover, an eviction notice, and a marriage proposal. 
If Torsten and I wed, he can fulfill a promise to his grandmother and the debt I’m drowning in will be paid by his trust fund. It’s a win-win, an easy and straightforward arrangement between friends. 
So what if my friend has piercing blue eyes, a sensual smirk, and a body that occupies my dreams? It shouldn’t matter that Torsten understands my past and makes me feel safe. 
Except it does. Because if I give my heart to my husband, how will I survive our eventual divorce? 



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Heather’s Review:

This is Gina’s third book in the Boston Hawks series. I have loved all of them, but I think this one might be my favorite thus far.  I knew that I was going to fall in love with Torsten.  But I wasn’t prepared to want to be BFF’s with Rielle!  The pair have mutual friends, and have spent time together in the past.  But it isn’t until a night of drinking and shenanigans does the idea form to marry… the mutual satisfaction of both parties. 
Rielle is one of the strongest female characters I have read in a while, and I love how determined she is to make it on her own.  My heart hurt for her as the world she carefully crafted was crumbling around her. She was too prideful to let on to others that she was struggling to keep up.  Torsten noticed, and wanted nothing more than to step in and help, but his world was also slowly coming undone. 

I loved how Gina not only brought these two together, but how their relationship grew.  They had amazing chemistry and a deep connection but they also had a great friendship.  Torsten is a natural caretaker, and loves to love people. From the start he embraces he and Rielle’s life together, and is just really the sweetest. Torsten is definitely high on the book boyfriend list…..and when it gets steamy it is steamy!!!  I also enjoyed how previous characters in the series played a role in their lives and relationship.  Claire made me laugh on several occasions, and I love how she showed up for Rielle.

I am a sucker for a marriage of convenience, and this one was stellar! I would recommend this series and book to anyone that loves some romance with their hockey!  The books build on each other, and I love how we get snippets of characters in previous books and she teases us for the next books in the series!  The characters have a lot of chemistry and the steamy scenes are hot but in no way take away from the storyline! Thank you Gina Azzi & Give Me Books Promo for the advanced reader copy of The Faker!