Summer Reading Rules and Prompts

Welcome to the first week of Buzzing about Romance Summer Reading Challenge.

Make sure you submit completed prompts at :
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Rules of Summer Reading.  

Any Book you read from May 25th– August 31st will count as one entry.   
Any prompt you complete on our Summer Reading Activity calendar counts as one entry.  
Read a book by a sponsoring author counts as 2 entries.   
Read a book by a Grand Prize sponsoring author counts as 2 entries.   

All entries must be submitted on our website.  If it is a photo prompt/book stack you must enter on the website, along with tagging the podcast on social media (IG/twitter/Facebook/TikTok). If you do not have a social media account please email us the photo, by doing so you are allowing us to share it to any/all of the Buzzing about Romance Social Media accounts.   

Drawings for prizes will be held on June 30th, July 31, August 31st with the Grand Prize drawing on Sept 2nd.   

All entries made will count towards the Grand Prize.  You can only win one prize per month.  

There is a total of 14 winners plus the grand prize.   

The Grand Prize is a Book Cart filled with books from some of our favorite authors.  

Authors are responsible for sending out prizes to the winner. Your information will be passed to the author once winners are selected. 
International Winners will receive book money due to the expense of shipping. 

Things to note:  

Sundays are Sponsor Sundays.  You will want to check our website each week to see where to follow the sponsoring authors. (Following counts as an entry)  

What is Mug Monday?  
Snap a picture of your Mug (cup or face) or Spell Mug with your books and share it. You can find ideas on our Instagram Highlights.  

On June 15th, July 20th, and August 17th we will be hosting a group read in our Discord Server Titles TBA. Participating in these counts as an entry.  

We will have several Happy Hours on YouTube, Instagram Lives and TikTok Lives throughout the Summer. Make sure you check out our  

Each Friday we encourage you to do something Bookish with a friend.  Some Ideas to do with a friend- Listen to Buzzing about Romance Episode and chat about it, Buddy Read/listen to a book, share a book rec, visit a library or book store. This does not have to be in person.   
  Example- Both visit your local library, snap a picture and share it on social media tag us.   

Stack Saturdays- This can be done with physical books, your kindle/tablet or create graphics from covers.  You can also create the stack at your local library or book store and share a picture.  It does not have to be books you physically own.   

In picture challenges make sure you tag us on social media or email the picture to us at [email protected]  

All entries need to be confirmed at  

Calendar Prompts  

Week One:
May 29- This Week’s Authors Melanie Moreland and Piper Rayne 
May 30-Mug Monday 
May 31- Read a Book featured on ep 56  
June 2- Read an Enemies to Lovers romance  
June 3-Do Something Bookish with a friend 
June 4-Stack Saturday Spell Summer with your bookstack 

Week Two  
June 5- This week’s authors Harlow James and Shannon Elliot 
June 6-Mug Monday 
June 7- Read a Book that is featured in a Quick Shot of Romance  
June 8-Share a quote from your current read  
June 9- Read a Small Town Romance 
June 10-Do Something Bookish with a friend 
June 11-Stack Saturday- a Rainbow stack in honor of Pride  
Please Note: The June 11th Stack Saturday Challenge is to share a rainbow stack in honor of Pride month.  We ask that you if you can not make the majority of your stack either be LGBTQ stories or authors that you instead do a stack of your favorite Queer Stories. We want to make sure we are honoring all the voices in romance in a positive and uplifting way.  If you are unable to complete this challenge this way you can still gain an entry by filling out the entry form on the website.  Just select Stack Saturday

Week Three
June 12- This week’s authors Rebecca Hefner and Mariah Ankenman 
June 13-Mug Monday 
June 16- Read an Age Gap Romance 
June 17- Do Something Bookish with a friend 
June 18-Stack Saturday (SPELL SUNSHINE or share a yellow stack) 

Week Four
June 19- This week’s authors Golden Angel and Molly McLain 
June 20-Mug Monday 
June 21 Read a book that is a First in Series 
June 22-Share a picture of your last 5 Star Read 
June 23- Read a Hockey Romance 
June 24- Do Something Bookish with a friend 
June 25-Stack Saturday-Book boyfriends 

Week Five
June 26- This week’s authors Stacey Lynn and Karen Grey 
June 27-Mug Monday 
June 28- Read a Book featuring a book boyfriend from ep 50  
June 29-Share a Picture of you reading outside 
June 30- Read a Friends to Lovers Book  
       June entries are due  
July 1- Do Something Bookish with a friend 
July 2-Stack Saturday – Show us your Red/white/blue books  

Week Six
July 3- This week’s Authors Jeanne St. James and Jessica Prince 
July 4-Mug Monday 
July 5- Read a book that has been on TBR the Longest 
July 6- Share a picture Reading out in the wild  
July 7- Read a Secret Baby Romance 
July 8- Do Something Bookish with a friend 
July 9-Stack Saturday- Spell Kissing  

Week Seven
July 10- This week’s authors are  Rebecca Gallo and Lila Dubois  
July 11-Mug Monday 
July 12-  Read a Book from Leah and Becky’s Top Reads of 2021 (ep. 79) 
July 13-Share a Picture of your Current read 
July 14- read a Grumpy Sunshine Romance  
July 15- Do Something Bookish with a friend 
July 16-Stack Saturday (Spell out Reading) 

Week Eight
July 17- This week’s authors are Danica Flynn and Melissa Foster  
July 18-Mug Monday 
July 19- Read a book by a new to you author 
July 20-Share a picture of a book by one of your favorite authors 
July 21- Read a Second Chance Romance 
July 22- Do Something Bookish with a friend 
July 23- Stack Saturday – Christmas in July- Red and Green Stack  

Week Nine
July 24- This week’s authors are Erin LaRosa and Sawyer Bennett  
July 25-Mug Monday 
July 26-Read a book that is your Favorite Trope 
July 27-Share a picture of an anticipated release 
July 28- Read a Siblings Best Friend Romance 
July 29- Do Something Bookish with a friend 

Week Ten
July 31-This week’s sponsoring authors are Noué Kirwan and Avery Flynn  
               July Entries are due  
August 1- Mug Monday  
August 2-Read a Book with Flowers on the Cover 
August 3-Share a picture of your bookshelf (real or virtual) 
August 4- Read a Fake Relationship Romance 
August 5- Do Something Bookish with a friend 
August 6- Stack Saturday- Create a FRIENDSHIP TROPE STACKS can spell friends, a stack of your best friends, or Friends to lovers trope  

Week Eleven
August 7- This week’s authors are Olivia Hayle and Susan Stoker  
August 8- Mug Monday 
August 9- Read a Book featured in our Romance Rumble (ep.91) 
August 10-Share a picture of your pet 
August 11- Read a Vegas Wedding Romance 
August 12- Do Something Bookish with a friend 
August 13- Stack Saturday (Spell Out August) 

Week Twelve
August 14- This week’s authors Janice Whiteacker and Isabelle Peterson
August 15- Mug Monday 
August 16- Read a book with Abs on the cover 
August 17-Share a picture of you in your favorite reading spot 
August 18-Read a Marriage of Convenience Romance 
August 19- Do Something Bookish with a friend 
August 20- Stack Saturday – a Beach Stack: browns, blues, and yellow to top it off! Or spell beach  

Week Thirteen
August 21- This week’s authors are Nanxi Wen and SJ Tilly  
August 22- Mug Monday 
August 23- Read a book with  Purple on the Cover 
August 24-Share a Picture of your current location 
August 25-Read a One Night Stand Romance 
August 26- Do Something Bookish with a friend 
August 27- Stack Saturday A bees stack Yellow and Black or spell Honey 

Week Fourteen
August 28- This week’s sponsors are Kelly Kay and Krista Sandor  
August 29- Mug Monday  
August 30- Read a  Book with just a woman on the cover 
August 31-Share a picture of you and anything bookish 
September 1 All Entries are Due TODAY

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