Secret Keeper | Stacey Lynn

Alix Halvrick is one of the star players of the Las Vegas Vipers.  He loves nothing more than annoying his neighbor and best friend Kane.  I have been so excited for us to finally get to meet him.  I feel head over heels for this character, and he did not disappoint.  AT ALL!!! This man falls so hard and fast for Ryann.  And he is not shy about it. 

Ryann Boucher is back in the place she never thought she would be.  But she is bound and determined to be successful in her new career.  Ryann, the coach’s daughter, has a very contentious relationship with her father. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Vik Boucher, the Vipers coach through his daughter’s eyes, and his players’ eyes.  Stacey Lynn did an amazing job of making us like and dislike a character at the same time! It also highlighted the complex lives so many people live, and everything isn’t always perfect! 

Immediately Ryann and Alix had amazing chemistry, but it was the friendship that they had from the start that made their relationship work. There were so many scenes in the book that made these characters feel real, and how they made the most of the time that they had together.  Of course, their friendship translates to some amazing steamy connections as well.  These two couldn’t keep their hands to themselves, and I was here for it! So hot!!! 

Friends, Stacey Lynn has done it again.  While I have loved every one of these 6 Las Vegas Vipers books, Alix is at the top of the list! If you enjoy a hockey romance with a lot of hockey, team dynamics, a secret relationship, and some fun banter between characters this book is for you! Do yourself a favor and devour this whole series today!