Scorn of the Betrothed by Zoe Blake

POV: 1st Person Multi (most of the story is Dual 1st Person)
TROPES: Mafia; Arranged Marriage; Twin Switch; OTT Hero; Small Town; Billionaire; Wine Country
SERIES: Cavalieri Billionaire Legacy Book 5
TYPE OF SERIES: Series of Standalones with Overarching Storyline
RELEASE DATE: April 19, 2024
PoP: 61%
CW/TW: Non-Con

Scorn of the Betrothed hits all the right notes.

Book four, which was Benedicts story was a good read, but not great and going into this book, expectations were high. As a reader, it’s logical to see that not every book in a series is going to be a favorite, but there is hope that it will be. Scorn of the Betrothed is everything wanted and needed in a Zoe Blake book, but so much more.

This story follows Matteo Cavalieri and the arranged marriage to Antonia Fichera. Both characters have been introduced in previous books, and Antonia is not someone that Matteo wants to deal with. However, for the sake of his family he will do what needs to be done. What he doesn’t know is that Antonia enlists her twin sister, Antonella to take her place.

Antonella is a musician who truly wants to please her family, but this comes at the cost of her personal well being. The twins father is a terrible human being, and her sister is as well. But yet, Ella continues to do everything they ask. But as the story progresses, she sees how strong she truly is. She just needed someone to stand beside her and not use her.

Scorned of the Betrothed, as usual, lacks consent. So, if this is important to you as a reader, you may want to skip this. However, as the story evolves, Matteo shows that he made some missteps where Ella is concerned. There is deception in the story because of the way it plays out, but it doesn’t last too long, and comes to light in the best way. I couldn’t put this story down, which in hindsight I should not have picked I up at 10 at night because I didn’t put it down until I was finished.

My only hang-up with the story… the overarching storyline is going to continue through many more books, but honestly .I am not even sad about it. These characters are dynamic and entertaining and they LOVE HARD. IF you haven’t taken a deep dive into the world of the Cavalieri’s yet, you need to right now!

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