Roped Tight | Ryker Ranch Series

Sam Ryker a famous bull rider, and an in the closet gay man struggling to come out to his family. Tucker Weston is a ranch hand at the Ryker ranch. Tucker struggled to find his place, and this ranch is his place and the Ryker family are his people. Tucker and Sam are forced to be close to each other, and it is there that they experience a deep connection quickly.  They both fall fast and deep in love.  The spark that these two share is more than sexual, and I love that their deep connection was the focus.  Not to say that there were not physical sparks because there certainly were, and they were amazing!  As with any love story there were things that came between them, causing heartbreak and animosity. Tucker knows that Sam needs to leave the ranch to become the great bull rider everyone knows he is… order to do that Sam needs to leave the ranch and Tucker behind.  

Given that I picked this up mid series, I fell in LOVE with this family!  I love how close they are, how much they love their mama, and how this matriarch plays such a huge role in the ranch. This family is a hoot and I quickly bought more in the series! I cannot wait to dive into this series…….and the sneak peek Loraine gave us at the end of this book as be anxiously awaiting the next book! 

This second chance romance was brilliant. I loved the interconnected relationships and how the pull that these two had to each other.  It is stories like that really make you believe that there are just some people destined to be together.  If you are a fan of MM romance I would highly recommend checking this out.  Also, if MM is not something that you have read in the past this is a great book to start with!