Review: The Secret Roommate by Sara Ney

Rating: 3.5/5  PoP: 76% Accidentally in Love #4

Duke Colter is just off a Super Bowl win and about to leave the team he won that ring with. So, he needs a place to hide out until he can make an official announcement. His agent, Elias Cohen, suggests Molly’s old place. The place where her friend, Posey Kettner still lives. As frustrating as it can be to share her space with someone new, the extra income is welcomed. However, Posey gets more than a temporary roommate and extra spending cash. 

Duke Colter can be a real jerk but a polite one, is that a thing? Him and Posey do not start on the best footing as he crashes into her house. But the force proximity creates undeniable chemistry between the two. It has them reevaluating what they want and how they see each other. The banter and shenanigans are on point in this book. This book is an excellent choice for a relaxing day when you just want a quick and fun read. It gives you all the humor and misunderstanding that opposite attraction can have with very low angst. My only gripe was that I felt it was more of HFN than a HEA which is completely fine, and just a personal preference.