Review: The Risk Taker by Gina Azzi

Rating: 5/5
Steam: 4/5
Angst: 3/5
Series: Boston Hawk Hockey Series Book #2
Trope: hockey romance, brother’s best friend, Teammate’s little sisters, close proximity, childhood crush, damaged hero
Trigger Warning: Does deal with Alcoholism and recovery.

The Risk Taker is the story of Claire Merrick and Easton Scotch.  Claire is the sister of Easton’s best friend and Hockey teammate.  This is a story that have you engaged from the first chapter.

Easton Scotch is a man with a lot going on and a lot of baggage.  He is freshly out of rehab for an addiction to alcohol.  His Pro hockey career is in question.  While he was getting sober his brother was finding his one true love and starting a family.  Easton is a bit of a lost soul.  He doesn’t know what his part in the team is going to be.  He wants his brother to be happy. He however doesn’t think happiness is in his future.  He is truly living day to day just trying to stay on this side of sober and not fall prey to his addiction.  Easton is a wounded character that just needs someone to love him as he is.  To not want anything from him but for him to be himself.  He needs a support and cheerleader. 

Claire is the opposite of Easton.  She has had a supportive over involved family.  She has a light about her.  She has been in love with Easton since she meets him when she was 7.  She wants nothing more to be there for him and with him.  She sees the good in him even when he doubts it himself.   The two are thrown together by some meddling from Claire’s cousin.  Claire needs to get away from her very much helicopter parents and everyone would feel better if East wasn’t in his house a lone. 

While Easton is damaged there are some very big swoony gestures he makes. They are don’t with grand flare instead they are done subtly with a quiet elegance.  I really fell in love with Easton. He is just one of those heroes you want to hug and tell them you see how hard they are trying, and they are amazing. 

Claire is the friend we all need.  She is try so hard to not disappoint the people in her life but she has a dream it is just a matter of getting the confidence to go for it.  As the baby of her family, she is surrounded by her brother and sister’s success and she is going down her own path.

Together Claire and East have magic on the page.  Their story sucked me, and I was sad when it ended.  This is book 2 in Gina Azzi’s Boston Hawk series and I am all in!  I will be here for all the books!  I can’t wait for book 3.  If you love a damaged hero and a girl who is a dreamer that care this is your story!   Azzi is a newer to me author but I am all in! 

Who would like this book: someone who wants a swoony slightly damaged hero. A reader who wants a hero to stand in the light.