Review: The Difference Between Somehow and Someway by Aly Martinez

Rating: 5/5  Book Two of the Difference Trilogy (MUST be read in order)

It is really difficult to write a review for this book without sopoliers. So this will probably be the most vague review I have ever written. Book one left us with a revelation that changes the perspective of the whole first book. As the characters that know this secret try to maintain it, those that do not discover it. And just as expected from Aly Martinez, that is not the only surprise in store. 

One of things I absolutely loved about this book is that even the little details that you could easily overlook, fit into the plot. There is a reason for everything. Both the main characters, Bowen and Remi, go through some emotional upheaval. Aly does very well at describing each perspective so the reader is able to see how everyone did what they believed was right. The book ends on a cliffhanger that leaves all our characters in peril as well as in emotional turmoil. I will be reading book three as soon as it hits my Kindle.