Review: Tempting the Prince by Christi Barth

Christi Barth’s Royals series continues with Mallory and Christian’s story.

This is the only book of the series that I have read. It was very easy to pick up and not have read the previous stories. 

Mallory- adoptive sister and best friend to newly returned Princess of Moncriano, Kelsey.  Mallory has put her life on hold in the States in order to help Kelsey with her transition to royal life.  Mallory has not had an easy time being in Moncriano.  She is happy for her sister but isn’t sure she belongs in the palace and apart of the royal world. 

Christian- Kelsey biological brother.  Crowned Prince of Moncriano.  He is covering his father’s duties as his father has had a hard time processing the return of Kelsey and the attempt on her life.  Christian begrudgingly takes on these duties however he is not complete settled in his role as heir. 

Tempting the Prince is a very typical Royal/Commoner theme to it.  However there was a great issue that was keeping them apart.  I love a good commoner and royalty story.  This is a very well written and well done example of this trope.  Christian and Mallory have a chemistry together.  There wasn’t as much angst as I would have liked.  I wish Mallory had fought back a little more with Christians plan to date for four weeks.  She put a lot on the line with heart to take his tempting offer. Time and storyline movement at times felt rushed.  But overall this was a really good read.  It was a 4/5 read for me.  If you like a royal/commoner trope you should give this one a try.