Review: Ruthless Groom by Monica Murphy

Rating: 2/5
Series Arranged Marriage Trilogy Book 2 of 3
Type of Series: Trilogy- must be read in order book 1 and 2 end on Cliffhanger
Tropes: Arranged Marriage, Wedding, Cliffhanger, kink, opposites attract
PoP: 30%

I was very excited for book two of this trilogy.  I have loved Perry’s character since the Stroke of Midnight by K Webster.  I enjoyed the Reluctant Bride and was anticipating this read.  But honestly the book fell short and missed that mark.  It is did not further the storyline much at all. We still don’t know why Charlotte’s ex is in Bishop’s Landing and what he is trying to accomplish.   

While the wedding helped us get a better understanding of the Perry and his expectations it did not further the storyline.

While the honeymoon was filled with glorious well written kinky sex but it did nothing to further the storyline.

Overall, nothing happened in book 2 that grabbed and kept my attention.  I am on the fence on if I will read book 3 or not. At this point while I really love Perry and am desperate to love Charlotte she comes off as vapid.  There are hints that she has the capacity to love big and to push back from the role she played in her family, but her timidness is holding the reader back from being her champion.  I wish she had more of a backbone. I wish that when Perry was being an ass she pushed and fought back for herself.

Honestly, I am disappointed in this trilogy.