Review: Protective Instinct by Tricia Lynne

Brody is a football player that unfortunately due to some recent trouble must keep his head down in order to finish out his career in Dallas.

Lily is a dog trainer who’s having a bad  day , and to add to it she realizes her new client is none other than the Bulldogs football team linebacker Brody Shaw. Brody also happens to be Lily’s crush.

Brody and Lily have meet before.  The chemistry between them sparks, however Lily is the general managers stepdaughter. Brody knows that it has to be hands off when it comes to Lily. 

I loved the writing, and I was fully invested in these two. Protective Instinct is a sweet football contemporary romance. I love that this book takes an otherwise regular football romance, and brings light to the horrors of Puppy Mills.  This quick reads is a journey for Brody and Lily as they try to find their HEA but also overcome their individual hang ups.  3.5 /5 star Read.