Review: On the Honey Side by Staci Hart

Rating: 5/5  PoP: 51%  Blum’s Bees #2 

Staci Hart’s books have been on my TBR for quite some time. I love her illustrated covers and integrated titles. This was my first actual read from her and it did not disappoint. And although this is book two in this series, it does work as a standalone. I will be going back to read book one, though. 

Daisy Blum is the oldest of the three Blum sisters and no stranger to tragedy. Like any small town, Lindenbach has its rumors and gossip. The Blum family women are said to be cursed as all the men they love die. Daisy’s father died when she was eleven and her highschool sweetheart died at 18. Similarly, Keaton Meyer is living life after the death of both his parents and wife. His father left the family construction business to him and his brothers, but Keaton takes on the bulk of the executive work himself. He believes he is content in working for others and taking care of his family as a pence. His last words with Mandy, his wife, were not kind and he blames himself for her death. Both Daisy and Keaton keep themselves busy by caring for their families and respective businesses, as well as helping others in any way they can. Their kind hearts bring them together when Poppy Blum begins to develop plans for a homeless community as a solution for the increase of vagrants in the area. The town is divided on how to approach those without resources. And as the Blum’s plans with Keaton’s help move forward they are met with resistance, protest, and sabotage from others in the community. 

The first half of the book really gives us a good look at Daisy and Keaton as individuals. I think this was important for this story as it explained not only their current circumstances but detailed their similar heartbreak. The Blum sisters and Meyer brothers try to conspire to get these two together but it takes time. When they finally do, the transition to a couple is believable and healing. However, the past and those with selfish intentions come to destroy everything these two have built. Keaton falls back on his old ways of carrying the burden alone, when the heartache could have been avoided if he had trusted those he loved. I greatly enjoyed the It’s a Wonderful Life moment that shows the love of the community for the Meyer family. Daisy and Keaton are wonderful individuals that really shine together. If you are looking for a small town and/or family series romance this is a great choice.