Review of His Baby

His Baby, Her Billionaire: A Billionaire Secret Baby Romance by Sloan Storm

Fate is defined as the development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.  Boy did fate play a large piece in Dalton Maxwell and Taylor Applewhite’s love story.  But Then Again what a great love story it is!

A chance meeting and a chance reconnection lead to a roller coaster ride of a story.  This story had all my most favorite tropes in it.  I love a romance with instant connection and instant chemistry.  Dalton and Taylor absolutely had that. But there are secrets, so many secrets. When you throw secrets into the mix of steamy chemistry you never know what might happen.  This story had so many ups and down. And it really had you wondering if they could get past all the crazy and secrets right up until the end. 

This is story has a lot going on and I worried it would be too much, however it all works. I did wish the author spent a bit more time on Taylor and Dalton’s interactions and relationship development.  We get steamy loves scenes but than it is mostly individual insights from the character not so much interactions between them.  The lack of interactions, conversations and even flirting did leave you feeling that you don’t know what kind of person they are.  Overall, this is a very readable book.  I give it a 3.75/5 stars.  It is almost a 4 but I felt like it just need a little bit of redirection and clean up.