Dimitri | Cala Reily

After we were introduced to Dimitri in Nikolai as his right hand man I have been ready to be back with this Russian family.  Ivanna is the sheltered and protected sister of the head of the mafia.  Her most fierce protector is Dimitri.  Even in previous books it is clear that Dimitri and Ivanna have strong feelings for one another.  Not all love either. 
Dimitri is almost as grumpy & stoic as they come. He has dedicated his life to the Russian mafia, but mostly dedicated to keeping Ivanna safe and protected.  Some may say he is obsessed.  But his number one priority is always Ivanna’s safety and happiness.  He knows that one day Ivanna will be his and all will be right in the world for him.  

Ivanna grew up pretty sheltered and others might say spoiled.  But her world is small.  As a college student she wants to spread her wings and enjoy life a little.  She pushes back on Nikoli and Dimitri around her protection and her ability to live as a normal college girl all while trying to mend her broken heart.  At 16 Dimitri broke her heart, and she is set on finding her one true love.  

When danger is on Ivanna’s doorstep Dimitri wants to wrap Ivanna up in a bubble all while she is trying to break free.  This push pull was amazing.  Dimitri and Ivanna had some seriously epic banter and intense arguments….that the readers could see exactly what it was….amazing and intense sexual tension! And my oh my when these two finally gave in HOLY buckets I thought my kindle would melt!  It was THAT good friends.  While I would classify this as a slow burn it absolutely made sense.  Rushing sexual intimacy would have not have worked. 

One of my favorite things about this author duo’s mafia books is how the different families around the country work together for the common good.  While some might think that they are the bad guys, they really are family men at heart and want to protect those they love.  If you love a great mafia series where the authors make the couple work for their HEA this book should 100% be on your kindle!