Review: Not the Kind of Earl You Marry by Kate Pembrooke

Rating: 4/5
Steam 2.5/5
Trope: Fake Relationship, Historical romance, regency romance
Series: Book 1 ,
Debut Novel

For the first time in a long time, I am taking a step back into the Ballrooms of Regency England.  I picked the perfect romance to do it!  I truly can not say enough about how amazing this story was.

The best stories sometimes start before the parties ever meet!  When a marriage announcement appears in the morning paper and neither party has met the other, you know you’re in for a wild ride. From the very first moment between the heroine, Charlotte and her fiancé, William Atherton, the Earl of Norwood, it becomes clear that these are two truly likeable characters.  They are about to find their way together but first they must get of their own way.

Charlotte, sensibly, doesn’t want to get too attached to William when they decide to go ahead with the pretend engagement, because it’s, well, pretend. William agrees to the pretense because he is in contention for a position of power on a government committee and can’t have any scandal attached to his name. Thus, setting up for an epic love fall into love.

It doesn’t take William long in Charlotte’s company before he considers taking the “pretend” out of the engagement. The banter midway through the book and the moments of levity truly balanced out the romance making for a fun and delightful read.  Charlotte is a clever, thoughtful heroine. While William is a considerate and a very swoon worthy hero. It was lovely to watch the two of them try to navigate their different backgrounds and goals as they slowly start to fall in love.

Not the Kind of Earl You Marry, by Kate Pembrooke, is a refreshing read by a new author. The historical part of this historical romance is exceptionally well done.  This author is a talented writer with an eye for the quiet moments when the characters uncover the truth of one another – and themselves. Not the Kind of Earl You Marry is a beautifully written regency. I cannot wait for the next installment in The Unconventional Ladies of Mayfair series.