Review: Jett by Sawyer Bennett

Rating: 5/5
Steam: 4/5
Trope: Single mom, hockey, reformed playboy, friends to lovers, co-workers
Series: Arizona Vengeance Series (Standalone)
CW/TW: past domestic violence and drug use (Not a main Character) , divorce,

This was the perfect return to the Arizona Vengeance.  Jett and Emory together are romance book magic. Sometimes the most successful relationships start out not expecting anything. Jett and Emory do not do complicated.

Jett is not interested in a relationship but just something casual.  From the first moment Emory enters the meeting room he is breathless.  His attraction to Emory is driving him to do all he can to spend some time with her. But Jett isn’t looking for anything.  He is still living HOT Guy Fall. 

Emory has too much going on in her life. He main focus is her daughter, her job and her sister. She doesn’t feel she has the headspace to devote to a boyfriend or a relationship. So living in the moment with no expectations works for her.  

The more time they spend together the more they realize how compatible they are and the more they are drawn to spend time together.  When Jett and Emory  first start on this no complications journey it just a physical connection. Slowly, they began to enjoy activities outside the bedroom. Jett does some very simple thoughtful things for both Jenna, Emory’s sister and for Felicity her daughter, but they will totally bring all the feels.

When some of Emory’s complications coming knocking, literally knocking the doorbell is broken, she is starting to worry if she should be taking this chance with Jett.   Jett small kindness are leading to complications for both. You just know that when they fall it is going to be beautiful!

I am a Sawyer Bennett Fan. If she writes it I will read it.  But I think the Men of the Vengeance are slowly stealing the number one spot.   Each of these men’s stories are unique and grab you from the first word. Emory and Jett are so good together. Emory thought he was a typical player when they first met but as time went on, she got to know him and was pleasantly surprised at the man he is. This series will grow your book boyfriend list and I think Jett might just have secured the number one spot on mine.  Jett is truly the perfect amount of swoon.  He is truly a good guy and a gentleman.