Review: Heart Keeper by Annie Dyer

Rating: 3/5 PoP: 27% Manchester Athletic Book 3

Nate is a widowed, single dad of two young girls and a football (American soccer) player. He has been trying to make it through life as best possible in the few years since he lost his partner, but his mother in law who was helping, is also gone now. He has to juggle his schedule, care for children, and get ready to move. He has not really considered getting into a new relationship but Amber, one of the team’s physical therapists, catches his eye. 

Amber and Nate have a quick connection which is believable because they are not strangers and neither is really looking for long term commitment. Amber likes the freedom that her life affords her and Nate has to put his children first. Then a surprise pregnancy (as mentioned in the blurb) puts them in a different kind of relationship. They do not jump into being romantic partners but Nate is determined to be supportive of both Amber and the baby. As the due date approaches, Nate makes it clear that he wants more and soon Amber does too. 

I just had trouble completely connecting with these characters. I did jump into this series here instead of reading the other two books so that may be some of the reason. I felt like there were good foundations for stronger conflicts and relationships with supporting characters that were not fully developed. I was also thrown off by the cover model looking different than the way Nate was described. I do have to applaud Annie’s handling of choice concerning the pregnancy. Continuing the pregnancy was key to the storyline but she was respectful of all options available. I just wanted more from all the characters. I will probably try one of Annie’s other series.