Review: Going Under by Sky Jordan

Going Under was a quick and sassy read. A sweet Meet Cute for KT and Ben had sparks flying from the first chapter. I loved their banter and interactions.  You could just feel that there was this force in the universe pulling them together. 

KT (Kat) immediately bonded with Ben’s daughter even before she knew she was his. Kat seems to have this instinct to protect those around her.  This relationship helped build an even stronger connection for Ben and Kat.  Kat’s connection to the girls and her desire to care and protect them added a very charming layer to this story.  It gave it depth and lots of added emotions.  

Kat has a very clear idea of what she wants from a relationship. She is not looking for always just something right now. Think because of who Ben is, a dad, a widow, a doctor he wants and needs more than just a sexy hook up.  He is an always and forever type of guy.   He’s not able to resist Kat for long but is fully aware and has to the thoughts that his will not only break his heart but that of his girls. 

Even though this is a short and sweet read, the author was able to provide a phenomenal character growth and storyline development.  Without spoiling the conclusion of this story is relatively unique to these types of stories and I really loved that about it.  It is a twist I did not see coming and really made for a well-rounded read. This was a 4/5 star read for me.