Review: Fractured Kiss by L.M. Dalgleish

Can one kiss truly shatter your neatly put together world?

Rating: 5/5
Series: Fractured Rockstar Book #4
Tropes: Rockstar Romance, Co-workers, fake relationship, Close Proximity, Pierced Penis
PoP: 45%

It does for Cassie and Zac in Fractured Kiss. 

When this story started out I was not sure how we were going to get to Cassie and Zac’s HEA.  She was engaged to the leader singer of the opening act on Zac’s tour.  No fears friends Cassie nor Zac CHEAT.   I will say that Cassie’s former fiancé is not exactly a good guy. He is kind of an idiot. 

In the Fractured Series up to this point Zac has been an enigma.  The quiet bass player.  He is favorite way to unwind… signing karoke.  Zac does not open to others easily. Even his best friends for most of his life do not know that hurt and pain he hides. Zac has very strong protective nature and as we get to know him and see where he is we do start to understand that about him.  We also see how he has this acceptance of not pushing others, but accepting them where they are. 

Cassie has only ever wanted one thing in her life and that is connections, family, someone who loves here and is there for her.  She has never had that. Cassie childhood was anything but good. It was hard and it was her ex-fiancé that sort of gave her some of this but as it turns out..  he wasn’t 100% there for her.   

Zac’s stoic nature at times comforting for Cassie because she knows what to expect from him she also doesn’t know how to ask for what she wants. 

This book is journey with some lovely surprises I was not expecting. It was so wonderful to have glimpses of the other guys of Fractured.  This story runs the gambit of emotions, and I loved every second of it. I picked up this series while doing research on Rockstar Romances for an episode of Buzzing about Romance and I am so glad I did.  I am a fan of the author and I am excited to see what she writes next.  If you are looking for a Rockstar romance that is heavily character driven with amazing HEA’s I recommend this series.