Review: Consider Me by Becka Mack 

Rating 3.5/5
Series: Playing for Keeps Book #1
Tropes: Hockey Romance, Instant Connection , Sports Romance, friend group
PoP: 24%

Consider Me is an instant connection hockey romance about a playboy hockey player who falls hard for the one girl who wants nothing to with him. 

I read this book as a suggestion from  a listener. I love a hockey romance and I am always willing to give an author a try. 

This is only the second book published by the author and so based on that I will give the book some grace. It is overly long.  There felt like a lot unnecessary back and forth and angst. There are a couple of times where I thought the book was done only for the back and forth between the couple to start over.  Because od the shear length of the book it does make it a but of a daunting read.  At times I felt like I was pushing through to keep reading and stay engaged. 

To the character’s , they are actually really great. I loved Olivia’s feistiness and sarcasm.  I really enjoyed that she put Carter through his paces and was very clear with what she wanted from the beginning. 
Carter has a great evolution as a character.   He goes through some major growth and realizations through the story. He also ended up being more than you think he is.  He really is a good guy but the loss of his father and watching his mother grieve has caused him to be extra protective of his heart. 

Consider Me is a very character heavy book and meeting Carter’s teammates and fellow Vipers leaves me hoping that there will be more stories. I am a 100% curious about his teammate Adam and him getting an HEA. 

Outside of the obvious pacing issues due to the length of the book I would say that is a fairly good read for a sophomore book.  It would have been a 5 star had it not been so long.  I did end up skimming and skip chapters.