Review: Caught by Love by Melissa Foster

Rating: 4/5
Series: Steeles at Silver Island book 3
Trope: Small town, friends with benefits, siblings best friend, Family series,
PoP: 2%

Caught by Love is book 3 in The Steels at Silver Island. This is a series that really should read in order. The author’s books are interconnected, referencing other families from other books. I will say that I have not a read much outside the Steeles and have been able to keep the story and characters straight, but it can be confusing to read as a standalone. The author writes such great stories that honestly you will want to read them all.

Archer feels like the odd man out in his family.  He isn’t sure he deserves to be loved by his family or others really.  Archer is a hard man with very intense feelings.  His whole life is dedicated to his grape vines and caring for his family.  All his passion and energy is given to those two things.  This does not leave a lot of room for relationships.  He is simply ok with the one and done. He doesn’t even believe he deserves more than that. 

Indie has been a staple in the Steele family for the last few years.  She is best friends with Lani Steele, Archer’s younger sister. Indie loves the Steeles and has always had a crush on Archer. His dark broodiness but she has heard stories and knows that this is something so much more brewing below the surface.

But was suppose to be a one night for the two of them has become something more..  

The status of the relationship and the dynamic changes when Indi makes plans to move to Silver Island.

Indie is such a great character!  I love her determination and her drive.  I also loved her acceptance of Archer and his limitations. She did not try to change him or help him be a better. Instead, she allowed him to have his own evolution of feeling and find his way.  I did wish she had been more intrenched in her boundaries with him, but I think the lifetime of parents that just steamrolled over her made that a bit difficult. 

Archer is one of those characters that you instantly fall in love with. His gruff manners and aloofness can make it hard to connect but you get these glimpses of who he really is. You see that he has this family he freely gives his love to and in return they give it him. When Archer realizes that he is in love with Indie, and that he wants more with her that is when the true beauty of this story comes to light.  His minor freaks out and his counting will have you fall even more in love with him. 

I love visiting the Steeles of Silver Island. I love the beauty of this family. Their championing of one another and unconditional love is what I want in a family series. The conflict of this romance is more about accepting the “scary “emotion of love when you are fear full of failing. Melissa Foster creates this big, beautiful family series romances that when the story is done your heart is full of love and hope.  These stories have the right amount of steam and an enjoyable HEA.