Review: After the Vows by Claudia Burgoa

Rating: 4/5   PoP:88%     A Decker Family Novel, Covert Affairs Book 1

I have enjoyed these duets to that look at the love stories of some of our favorite characters from Claudia Burgoa’s world. This focuses on Seth Bradley and Theodora (Teddy) St. James. These are both characters that we have come to love through other books in both the Decker and St. James’ series as well as popping up in other places. Seth has always seemed like a bit of a jerk but as we see things from his perspective, we learn that he has kind of been living in the shadow of what could have been along with survivors’ guilt. Teddy has been seen as a kind hearted soul that wants the best for everyone. 

Seth and Teddy had an instant connection when they met years ago, but she is his best friend’s sister. That along with the internal struggles that Seth is constantly dealing with causes them to have a hot then cold relationship. Teddy has enough of being dragged along without a commitment from Seth but then new information and threats leaving her in his protection. 

I always love that Claudia’s characters are flawed but forgiving, even if at times it takes them a while to get there. I think this book would be best read after the other Decker family books although they are not necessary. (I was trying to figure out the family tree in my head.) We see the push and pull, misunderstandings, and chemistry between Teddy and Seth only to be left with more questions at the end. This book ends on a cliffhanger and although I know Claudia will give us a worthy HEA, I worry how much my heart will break before we get there.