Review: Accidental Sugar Daddy

Age Gap

Single Mom


Ellie is a single mom doing what she can to support herself and her children. An absent ex-husband and parents doing what they can to help her.  Life is so overwhelming for her.  When a glance across a crowded bar leads to dinner and an opportunity to earn some money, she thinks it’s too good to be true.

Owen has an instant attraction to Ellie. He has this overwhelming draw to Ellie.  He isn’t sure why she has agreed to help him out but he is grateful. Raised by a single mom who escaped from an abusive husband Owen has become the man who takes care of the woman in his life.

The story was well written, steamy and sweet, story.  Kaci Rose is a new author to me and I am surprised I have not come across this author before. It was the perfect escape.  A romantic story that had plenty of steam and laughter.  This was a 4 read for me.  It followed very typical plot points but overall the characters were enjoyable and the story read very quickly.